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Psycanics: A Science of Being and Life

Psycanics scientific philosophy of existence that creates accelerated personal change and advanced spiritual development.

November, 24 2014

Psycanics is a science of the non-physical universe. It is the Laws of Life. It describes how all of your non-physical experience (Self, mind, emotions, love, happiness, relationships, etc.) works with just one set of laws and formulas.

Differences Between Psycanics and other Data Systems

There are hundreds if not thousands of books, materials, and courses available today for personal development, manifestation, and success in the world. However, there are some crucial distinctions between most such proposals and psycanics. Most books and systems are about how to be better at the External Quest. Psycanics is focused internally, on you as a Being: it is about how to be a greater Being, to have more Life.

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A Psychologist's Evaluation of Psycanics

I am a psychologist. For 13 years, I worked in the field here in Houston, in both private practice and with government agencies. I worked with issues such as emotional problems (anger, fears, phobias, depression, traumatic incidents, etc), marital conflicts, parent-child relations, substance abuse and addiction, and purposeless life patterns.

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Psycanics is a "hard" science of the non-physical aspects of human existence. It is an extensive, highly organized, precise body of knowledge that describes the nature and functioning of life, thereby empowering the practitioner to create his/her life as s/he would have it.

Psycanics allows you to take control of your life, which includes your feelings and emotions, mind and thoughts; communication and relationships; behaviors and habits; career, success and finances; love and happiness; all from one central "control panel": your Being.

You Are The Creator of Your Life. Knowledge is Power.

The Origin of Psycanics

Physics has always sought to penetrate matter to discover its nature and to find the smallest, the ultimate particle of which matter is made. Molecule to atom to nucleus and electrons, to protons and neutrons, to the subatomic particles such as photons, muons, gluons and quarks, which it turns out are not particles at all but patterns of energy. Quantum Physics has now discovered that the very beginnings of all energy and matter are such energy patterns that spring up out of an underlying Field of... NOTHINGNESS. The Quantum Field is best described by a series of mathematical probability equations. However, a description of its properties is remarkably similar to that of mystics throughout the ages: ONE INFINITE CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENT CREATOR POTENTIAL. We can call this NO-THINGness that is the origin of everything that exists, CREATOR, LIFE FORCE, or SPIRIT.

You come from this field of INFINITE POTENTIALITY of CREATION that is both CREATOR and the CREATED. Everything that exists comes from it. There is nothing else. It is the ORIGINAL BEING and NON-BEING, the SUPREME BEINGness from which all else comes.

You might think of yourself as a "particle" of this BEING, a small Being. Life, everything that exists, your Being and everything in your life follows exact laws and principles. Psycanics is a codification of the laws of non-physical energy, just as physics is of physical energy (which concept includes matter: E = mc2)

Here is why Psycanics works

You are a non-physical Being whose essence is Will and Awareness. Although you are currently focusing through a body to play in the physical universe, you never cease to be a non-physical, life-energy entity, a spirit, a "psycan." All the laws, principles, and energies of spirit continue to apply to you. You are currently living in two totally distinct universes, the Spirit Universe and the Physical Universe, at the same time: right now.

Your Spirit Universe includes all your non-physical energies/experiences: identities, self-image, self-esteem, emotions, thoughts, love, relationships, and happiness or suffering. This is your BE, FEEL, THINK, and RELATE in the illustration below. We call this also, your Psycanic Universe.

It is impossible to be much happier than you are now without understanding and learning how your Spirit Universe works.

No matter what you DO or HAVE in the physical universe (the green areas to the far right in the illustration below); it will never make any long term difference in your functioning and success as a spiritual Being, and therefore will NEVER make you happy. (Verify this yourself: Notice that throughout your life, you have had many goals to be happy: find a boy/girl friend, graduate school, get a job, get a car, get a raise, get a new position, buy a house, have a child, etc. etc. Notice that none of them have ever resolved the problem of your happiness. They never will.)

Life works according to the Causal Sequence of BE FEEL THINK RELATE / DO HAVE. Everything in your life falls into one of these 6 areas. Notice that the things you most seek in life: wisdom, intelligence, creativity, power, self-esteem, love, and happiness are all non-physical/spiritual energies. They all lie within the BE, FEEL, THINK, and RELATE area in the illustration below (the blue side). They do not exist in, can not be found in, and cannot be produced by anything in the physical universe—EVER. Until you understand this and start to work on your Spirit Universe, you never achieve much expansion of those non-physical things that you most seek in life.

Click image to view larger version. The Causal Sequence

The Facts of Life

  • Life works according to the Causal Sequence of BE→ FEEL→ THINK→ RELATE / DO→ HAVE. Your life emanates from your states of Being, not from your thinking, doing, or having. Control your Being and you control your life. If you focus your efforts in life only on doing and having, life will be struggle and suffering.
  • The "things" (experiences) that you most seek in life: Intelligence, Wisdom, Creativity, Power, Self-Esteem, Love, and Joy (Happiness), etc. exist ONLY in the Spirit Universe. They are spirit qualities and energies. They do not exist in, cannot be found in, and cannot be produced by anything in the physical universe, EVER.
  • Nothing in the physical universe EVER causes anything in the spiritual universe. On the contrary, it is the Being in the Spiritual Universe, that creates everything in the Physical Universe. This is true whether we are talking about the Supreme Being and the creation of the physical universe itself; or you as a human Being creating your life and your personal world.
  • If you truly, seriously want to create or control anything non-physical in your life (self-image, self-esteem, mind, thoughts, subconscious, emotions, love, relationships, happiness, etc.) then you need Power.
  • Power comes from Knowledge, from Science. There is no other source of true Power. Knowledge guides efforts to produce the desired results. The cause of problems, conflicts, and most failures in life is the lack of the correct knowledge.

The Great Question now before you is:

Are you going to acquire Knowledge/Science/Power for Life; or continue to operate your life with the knowledge and behaviors (THINK DO) you use now?

Before you answer, remember two statements of Einstein:

  1. Problems can not be solved in the level of thinking wherein originates the problem.
  2. It is insanity to keep thinking and doing as you are now and expect better results.

THINK DO HAVE: As long as you continue to operate you life (DO) with what you know now (THINK), you can only produce more of the same results (HAVE) that you have now. Better results require better knowledge. Psycanics is a magnificent Science of Life.

Knowledge is Power

Science is the source of humanity's power over the world. Psycanics is to the non-physical side of life (being, mind, emotion, communication, relationships, behavior); what physics and electronics are to the physical side of matter and energy. Examples of the Laws of Life catalogued in Psycanics are listed here.

Life operates according to the Causal Sequence of BE FEEL THINK RELATE / DO HAVE. Control your Being and you control all the rest of your life.

There are things yet unknown to you, the knowing of which will transform the quality of your life and happiness.

With mathematical precision, Psycanics describes how the following areas of life work. That knowledge give you the power to control these things in your life:

  • The Life Force.
  • The nature of the Being/self/individuality/spirit/soul.
  • Will: the causal, power-ful force of Beings.
  • Consciousness: the perceptive ability of Beings: awareness, experience, feeling.
  • Polarity and Polarity Spectrums: much of your non-physical life consists of the interplay of opposites, of positive against negative.
  • The Cause<>Effect Polarity Spectrum, which includes Victim and Response-ability.
  • The Wisdom<>Ignorance Polarity Spectrum: Intelligence and Creativity.
  • The Value Polarity Spectrum, which includes the nature of Good and Bad.
  • The Love<>AntiLove Polarity Spectrum.
  • The Happiness<>Suffering Polarity Spectrum.
  • The nature and cause of Happiness, which is all the time, no matter what; or does not qualify as Happiness.
  • The Creation of Self-Image; identities and roles.
  • The Creation of Personality, Character, and Behaviors.
  • The Universal Principles of Integrity.
  • The Self-Esteem Polarity Spectrum, from lowest to highest.
  • The Laws of Personal Power.
  • The Emotions Energy Polarity: their exact nature, origin, and cause.
  • The elimination of traumas and negative emotions.
  • The Mind and how it works.
  • The 12 Great Hallucinations of the Mind that kill personal power and cause suffering.
  • Study and Learning.
  • Intuition and Creativity.
  • Changing behaviors, habits, addictions.
  • Communication and Negotiation.
  • Relationships: couple, parent-child, family, friends, work, etc.
  • The relationship aberrations of Tyrant, Dictator, Ego, and Victim.
  • One's Life Purpose and Mission.
  • Creation and Manifestation in the physical universe.
  • Leadership.

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